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Our Senior Team

Deborah Homa

A Partner at April,  Deborah has over twenty years management and strategic consultancy experience and has held a number of Board of Director posts in complex organisations.

Deborah’s passions are organisation development, creating strategy that works and enabling teams, leaders and Boards to excel for their customers and colleagues. Deborah has an MBA and a particular interest in Organizational Psychology.  Her work, particularly within healthcare, has focussed on helping organisations to bring together strategy, practice and people to make a difference.

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Tim Keogh

A Partner at April, Tim is currently working with a range of high-profile commercial and healthcare organisations around the world, to create customer-focused culture, improving customer / patient experience and nurturing engaged and happy teams.

Whilst Tim’s background combines consumer advertising, customer experience design (through people and technology), and culture change; his passion is helping people and organisations to build the positivity, skills and resilience to be the best they can be.

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Flavio Poli

A Partner at April, Flavio focuses on helping his clients get closer to their customers and consumers and to unlock the value of this connection.

After starting his career in marketing at Kraft Foods in Germany, he has worked for over 15 years mainly on international consultancy assignments in Consumer Goods, Automotive, Financial Services and B2B. During his career he has worked in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. He is an experienced facilitator of multi cultural teams and is fluent in several languages.

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John Vincent

A Partner at April, John has been a trusted strategic advisor to leading organisations in retail, automotive, media, financial services, healthcare and government for over 20 years. He works with top teams to formulate strategy, design customer propositions and experiences, and mobilise people to deliver them

With a background in social science, politics and change management, John enjoys combining: conceptual and concrete thinking to turn strategy into action; imaginative creativity and analytical rigour to identify opportunities; and human insights and connections to generate motivation and accelerate momentum.

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Tim Westall

Tim is an April Partner with more than 20 years’ experience in customer-driven strategy, proposition development and innovation with global leaders in consumer goods, financial services, automotive and professional services.

After an early career with Unilever in marketing and strategy, Tim has become a specialist in turning customer and organisational insight into winning strategies, and real, impactful organisational change. He is also an accomplished top-table facilitator, regularly working with leadership teams to set vision and direction.

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David Varney

Drawing upon 15 years experience in financial services and technology in roles spanning business strategy through to frontline sales, Dave brings a pragmatic approach to the development and delivery of business strategy and change.

Dave’s background includes defining and delivering change on both sides of the supplier and client relationship and gives him deep insight into the challenges his clients face in delivering their vision in large and complex organisations. Dave takes a creative and energetic approach to problem definition and identifying and quantifying the actions that will make a difference. He is passionate about clearly identifiable value for customers and has designed and sold propositions covering tangible and intangible products, services and technology.

+44 7572 440 979

Kara Gelb (New York)

Kara is a passionate healthcare executive with 20 years of global leadership experience. Kara helps teams explore the the deeply personal experience of patients and staff in healthcare while achieving results with hard-hitting change management and quality improvement techniques. Her joy comes from seeing cultures transformed.

Kara spent 16 years in global leadership roles at General Electric. While there, she led GE Healthcare’s clinical consulting business in North America. More recently she held leadership roles at the University College London Hospitals including being named their first ever lead for patient and staff experience.

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