How we work

How we do things is at least as important as what we do, both for us and our clients. We work with you as one team, from strategy development through to benefit realisation, growing in-house capability as we go. We build momentum for delivery from the outset, engaging people at scale in co-developing the why, what, how and what now of change.

powered by purpose

The most effective organisations are powered by purpose; an underlying why? that meets a real customer need and is motivating and meaningful for staff.

this and that

To bridge the gap from strategy to implementation, consider strategy, operating model, organisation design and delivery all at the same time, not sequentially.

complexity made simple

Strategy and change are complicated, but we choose to keep it simple, with clear themes, priorities and fields of action that people will remember and act upon.

develop by doing

We believe that new skills and capabilities are best learned on live projects where the outcome matters and theory and practice go hand in hand.

big plan, small chunks

An ambitious long-term plan is important, but it’s more important to chunk the plan into manageable, time-bound sprints that deliver incremental value and learning.

April principles

April playbooks

We've captured our know-how in a series of self-serve, digital resources which we use as a foundation for our  consultancy and for growing client in-house capabilities through executive education and applied learning. We share these playbooks with clients on an on-going basis to support continued agile project delivery and acceleration of change at scale.

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    Agile Strategy

    a playbook applying the principles of 'agile' to create purposeful, competitive, focused yet adaptive strategy

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    Leading Change

    a manifesto and playbook for turning executive teams into high performing transformational leaders

  • playbook icon.png

    Growth Roadmap

    a playbook to help conceive the opportunities and plot the pathway to sustainable value creation

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    Acceleration Cycle

    an intensely practical playbook designed to sharpen & accelerate delivery of large-scale, complex  projects

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