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Roxanne Salvage

An adept operations manager, Roxanne holds herself accountable as a catalyst for positive change. With a background in people, talent and strategy consultancies, she is known for consistently delivering success and fostering growth for businesses and clients, while placing a premium on sustainability and human-centric approaches.

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Operations expert

Roxanne is a seasoned operations manager with a remarkable career journey marked by operational success in start-up growth, streamlining operations, ability to calm chaos and academic background. Armed with a degree in psychology and postgraduate degree in organisational psychology, she possesses a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.


Throughout her career, Roxanne has demonstrated a multitude of skills and achievements. She excels in strategic planning, financial advisory, long-term strategy development, project management and talent development. Her commitment to human-centric operations, confidentiality and trust, along with her relentless pursuit of operational excellence, sets her apart as a trusted leader in her field.


Roxanne's professional journey is punctuated by numerous responsibilities and achievements. Notably, she oversaw the operational support of a non-profit organisation focused on promoting fairness, sustainability, and equality in society through psychological research and reports. She also received a specialist certificate from Channel 4 for a promotional video aimed at educational budgets.


In her role as April Strategy's Operations Manager,  Roxanne is responsible for executing the next phase of growth, coordinating operational and commercial processes, and providing effective solutions to drive business success.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Roxanne finds fulfilment in connecting with others and making a meaningful difference in their lives by volunteering and offering strategic advice to charities on their growth journeys. She values authenticity, empathy and integrity.

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