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Who we are

Our team is known for its deep expertise in strategy, proposition development and change management. Each of our partners has more than 20 years' experience at partner/director level, working with ambitious organisations in both the public and private sectors. We also collaborate with key associates who are experts in their own field and add in-depth experience and fresh insight to individual projects.


Tim Westall

Managing Partner

Strategic adviser & growth innovation accelerator

Tim, co-founder of April, is a senior adviser to leading global organisations on growth strategy and innovation in a number of sectors (FMCG, retail and financial services) and works with clients to develop growth strategies and accelerate value delivery. He is widely known for his skill and experience in developing strategy and teaches on the Strategy for Directors course at the Institute of Directors in London.

Brian Galligan

Regional Director, Middle East

Transformation director & change accelerator

An expert enterprise level change architect, Brian has worked with some of the Middle East's most respected business leaders to unleash change at scale through engaged teams driven by clarity of vision, power of purpose and effective enablement. He has 14 years' regional experience managing incubation of new businesses and delivery of complex projects and change programmes.

Rob Fryer

Senior Consultant

Venture architect & commercial strategist

Rob has extensive experience working across commercial and financial roles in leading organisations within the automotive and financial services sectors and in start-up organisations. He uses his analytical problem-solving skills, operational expertise and accountancy training to join together commercial, financial and strategic thinking to deliver value for clients.

John Vincent

Managing Partner

Strategic adviser, change architect & accelerator

A trusted adviser to top teams of leading organisations across a range of sectors (automotive, financial services, healthcare, retail, media), John works with clients to develop and deliver new strategies, value propositions and experiences. He is known for his expertise in facilitating collaboration and combining marketing, political and operational experience with behavioural science to accelerate change.

Richard Chapman


Innovation director and coach

Richard uses his extensive experience to help clients bring to life the reality of what growth implies and requires. Trusted when it comes to growth strategy, opportunity mapping and innovation, he is known for his unique balance of analytical rigour and creative thinking which, when combined, lead to strategies and narratives that both excite and engage organisations looking to change.

Nathan King

Senior Consultant

Scale-up director and coach

Nathan is an incubation growth strategy and scale up adviser to large corporations and SMEs across a range of sectors. He has extensive experience in innovation, marketing and operations and in navigating the challenging steps from proof of concept to large-scale delivery. He is also a course leader at the UK Government backed Small Business Leadership Programme at Brunel University.

Andy Poulter

Managing Partner

Transformation director & project manager

A proven transformation director who has designed and led delivery of complex change programmes for global organisations, Andy translates strategy into action, working with clients to plan, mobilise and manage implementation activity. His expertise lies in facilitating, sequencing and structuring complex change programmes using agile and traditional project management techniques.

Kinvara Rogers

Senior Consultant

Change designer and manager

Kinvara is an experienced consultant with expertise in business change, customer orientation, programme management and employee engagement, and has worked with global teams across different sectors. With an eye for detail and natural people skills, she is known for her coordination and planning ability, whilst also bringing perceptive thinking and energy to the table.


Changes at April

April is now focussing on agile business strategy and accelerating value delivery led by Tim Westall and John Vincent. For culture transformation in healthcare and beyond with Tim Keogh, go to https://akind.life/. For consumer goods strategy and growth optimisation with Flavio Poli, e-mail Flavio.Poli@aprilstrategy.com.

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Our team works with key associates from a number of sectors.  If you are interested in finding out more about our work and collaborating with us, please get in touch.

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