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Why April?

Our clients choose April because they reject the old consulting model based on outsourcing thinking to pyramid teams with privileged access to knowledge. Nowadays, smart clients want to collaborate closely with trusted advisors and experts to co-architect strategy and co-orchestrate change acceleration. 

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As architects, we co-design the new enterprise and overall approach for change. We orchestrate and facilitate as it unfolds, holding the torch for what the strategy is trying to achieve.

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As accelerators, we engage in precision interventions, bringing SWAT team capabilities to specific challenges that are beyond the know-how of the organisation and need fixing quickly to unlock broader change.

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Working collaboratively means moving away from the master-servant dynamic towards co-operation and co-creation. Our April consultants are responsible for transferring their knowledge and expertise to diverse and talented client teams.

This new model of organic enablement goes beyond the traditional mix of ‘mission command’ leadership with top-up consulting towards something more agile, reflexive and powerful; something that has consistently proven to accelerate value delivery for clients.


It is a new model for consulting.

April values

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"April provided the creativity and strategic rigour to get us to think differently. Their collaborative way of working got us all aligned and committed, and we are now pursuing a successful accelerated growth strategy."  CEO, Cloetta AB

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