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Welcome to April, leading-edge practitioners in strategy, proposition development, organisation design and change management. Our unique combination of deep expertise and client collaboration has been proven to accelerate and deliver benefits for organisations across the world.


The impact we make is as much down to how we work as what we do. We work with clients as trusted advisers, helping to shape, fuel and facilitate transformation and bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

Our clients know advantage lies in the how of implementation as well as the why and what of strategy.  They want to work alongside consultants who collaborate and create momentum for change.


Our team includes some of the world's leading experts in agile strategy, proposition development and change management, working together to deliver real benefits.

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April is now focussing on agile business strategy and accelerating value delivery led by Tim Westall and John Vincent. For culture transformation in healthcare and beyond with Tim Keogh, go to https://akind.life/. For consumer goods strategy and growth optimisation with Flavio Poli, e-mail Flavio.Poli@aprilstrategy.com.


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