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What we do

We work as trusted advisers and experts to architect strategy, orchestrate change and accelerate benefit realisation. Often, value creation is lost in the disconnects between strategy, proposition and business model design, change delivery and capability development. We help bridge the gaps, aligning all points along the track, harnessing the energy and capability of the organisation to bring forward benefits.​

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Architect dynamic strategy

by clarifying strategic foundation (purpose, values, goals, vision) and sharpening strategic intent (where to play and how to win).

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Design compelling propositions and delivery models

defining a desirable, differentiated customer value proposition plus a feasible, viable and sustainable business and operating model to deliver it.

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Orchestrate and accelerate change

through transformation and behaviour change at scale, using precise interventions where required, to accelerate value delivery.

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Build internal capability

through organisation design and transition management, injecting executive education, coaching, tools and training, and transferring know-how tailored to our clients' context.

Client studies


Our challenge was to increase the pace of change towards a new form of retailing that blended physical showrooms, digital tools and people. Using behavioural science to create a popular movement, we designed and orchestrated an integrated change campaign, facilitated co-development and architected mass engagement and training.  Usage of digital tools increased from 20% to 90% of in-store interactions, delivering a £620 increase on average invoice value. The model was adopted as a template for all markets across the world.


Before trying to change behaviour, seek first to appreciate and understand the context within which their behaviour happens


Our client, a large independent schools' network, was facing growing deficits, difficulty in finding the best staff and was distracted by global opportunities. We faced into the underlying strategic options and made choices, transforming the leadership team, implementing a revolution in governance and relaunching the brand to the world. Two years later our client had returned to surplus, seen pupil numbers grow and had become a magnet for teaching talent.


Sometimes sustainable transformation is achieved through revolution rather than evolution


A regional leader in South East Asia was facing intense local and global competition, with an imperative to become more customer-centric and innovative, fast. We listened to its customers and agents, enabled extensive organisation engagement with frontline staff to interpret customer-centricity, and implemented a campaign-based social change process. The organisation became better at attracting and retaining customers, achieving 24% growth in value of new business.


Strategic change that sticks needs to involve those responsible in the design and delivery of change programmes

Retail banking

A challenger bank enjoying a niche position was pushing for new customer growth without becoming ‘just another bank’. April took a discovery-based approach to uncover what was distinctive about the culture and  proposition that customers valued, exploring and discarding the conventional route of aggressive new customer acquisition. The bank saw accelerated growth achieved from an unexpected source: existing customers rather than new customers.


It's important to appreciate what you have and where the value potential lies: look beyond the playbook


The inventors of a multi-purpose in-home hot beverage machine who found themselves in a spiral of competitive value erosion asked how they could re-inject value growth. We involved the consumer and the client directly in the process of creative development and encouraged the client team to work outside their usual silos as a focused, agile project team, employing design thinking and ‘rigorous creativity’. The resulting new concept shows the highest value potential seen for 12 years and is to be launched across nine markets in 2021.


Breakthroughs can come by simply changing the context and method of work, enabling creative thinking to flourish


Our client, a mid-sized European player, wanted to accelerate growth while moving away from traditional ‘sweets’ towards ‘better for you’ categories. We explored behind the mask of acquisition-fuelled growth to probe root causes of poor performance, decluttered the growth agenda to a handful of ‘big bets’, and managed parallel strategy and implementation planning. The outcome was a doubling of turnover and trebling of share price over a five-year period, with improved scale execution capability.


Ambitious growth ahead of the market can be achieved if you are focused and disciplined, all without restructure


Madagascar is the biggest single producer of vanilla but the ‘feast-famine’ cycle puts pressure on the local economy and farmers. Sustainable vanilla had been a priority for our client as part of ‘sustainable business’ and consumer brand messaging.​ Our proposition was to design and communicate a more sustainable, less cyclical value chain story. The outcome was more resilient communities, improved environmental standards, better vanilla quality and availability, and a partnership for shared, more sustainable growth.​

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Real sustainable business is much more than marketing. It takes collaboration, reciprocity and a long-term view from all players in the supply chain


We've served leadership teams across the globe for more than 15 years. 

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