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Are you an accelerator?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Exceptional transformational delivery talent required.

About us

April are leading-edge practitioners in strategy, proposition development, organisation design and change management. Our unique combination of deep expertise and client collaboration has been proven to accelerate and deliver benefits for organisations across the world.

The impact we make is as much down to how we work as what we do. We work with clients as trusted advisers, helping to shape, fuel and facilitate transformation and bridge the gap between strategy and execution, growing in-house capability as we go. We build momentum for delivery from the outset, engaging people at scale in co-developing the why, what, how and what now of change.

About you

You will be exceptional, with a rare blend of high rational and emotional intelligence. University educated with several years’ track record in industry, you will already have demonstrated your ability to make an outstanding contribution to (and possibly lead) successful teams. Your inquiring mind, creative problem-solving and positive disposition will have an energising impact on those around you. You are able to communicate complex ideas in simple terms, both verbally, visually and in writing. Although you are an overachiever you won't be arrogant.

You will have successfully planned and led complex transformational change programmes across different geographies, which will have involved changing people’s behaviours as well as processes. You will be as interested in rapidly evolving the content of the solution as accelerating the process of change, understanding that changing behaviour is essential to growing value. What drives you will be seeing things through to completion, delivering the value that was envisaged, leaving knowing you’ve made a difference.

About us working together

You will become part of the April team, working directly on client engagements for leading organisations around the world across a wide range of sectors. Working in April teams of two to four people, always including a Partner, you will lead planning and delivery in collaboration with the client team as we design new strategies, propositions, operating models and develop client capabilities. You will draw on, and over time contribute to, our Change Acceleration playbooks, which capture our know-how from a combined 100 years of expertise in the field. The work will take you to different parts of the world, but you'll never be stuck in an outpost; as a team we will work together in a mix of our clients’ and our own physical and virtual spaces.

If you are as good as we think you are, you will progress in the firm on your journey to Partner and perhaps one day you will be running the firm and writing this job advert.

To apply, send a CV and short covering e-mail explaining why you are suitable for this role to by 22 November, 2021.

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